Here is a random Asian food  – Mooncakes!

Who are you?
Hi! I’m a human being. Lady Human Being, that is. Right now, I’m sleepy, so this About Page will make little sense, a common feature one will find across my lady human being experience. Also, if you had to wrap me up and pack me into a tidy box that in no way describes the whole of who I am, you can also call me a recent law school graduate. Other boxes I’m affiliated with include: Korean American and New Jerseyan. I think that is enough box information to tell you strangers for now.

Why does this blog have such a stupid name?
Perhaps you can also tell, I am a fan of the show Arrested Development, from whence this simple blog’s name hath been borne.

Why crowd the internets with more drivel?
In the past couple of years, I’ve wanted to read more deeply about APA law/policy and, despite my lengthy APA web travels, haven’t come across any sites/blogs that focused on this aspect. So why not start one soon before I have to graduate and like, take the bar, or something. Of course I’ll have tons of time when I’m unemployed! I hope to jot down some musings, link to interesting APA community news and happenings, and discover some Amazians who work on and study and live this stuff!

Where can I send you totally awesome questions and insightful comments and suggestions?
Thank you, person who is probably my friend I know in real life and is one of one person who reads this blog. Let’s mix it up — you can contact me at apabloblaw(at)gmail(dot)com.

Are you blob-like?
My umma would probably say yes and say, go on a diet! and then feed me more korean food.


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