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Do Something! – Some Opportunities

August is almost over, school years are revving up again, and I’m still working on getting my brain to wake up on proper East Coast time whereas perhaps my phantom soul brain’s internal clock has been steadfastly set somewhere in California for the past couple years.

Some opportunities for you to exercise your superstardom and work within the APA community.

APALRC (DC) – Volunteer & Legal Interpreters
APALRC in DC is welcoming volunteer applications until Sept. 9. Do it. Awesome organization that could use some support & you’ll gain a lot out of it. They’re also looking for new interpreters for their Legal Interpreter Project for all Asian languages, including Thai, Urdu, Nepali & Tagalog. E-mail with a copy of your resume and a brief description of your language skills.

National Asian Pacific Center on Aging (DC) – P/T Legislative Consultant Details

APALC (CA) – Policy Advocate – Health Access Project . They’re looking for people with a relevant advanced degree. Go for it if you have a JD and interest in health. Details.

AALDEF (NY) – Voting Rights Organizer. Another “alternative” path for a JD-holder, this one for those interested in electoral rights and advocacy. Details.


Tuyet Le, exec director of Asian American Institute

Recently came across a nice profile in the Chicago Tribune about Tuyet Le, executive director of Chicago’s Asian American Institute. Known for having a strong voice & shaking things up, she sees the Asian American community as having a ways to go in strengthening its political power and self-determination. I would’ve liked to hear her thoughts about how to see through large cohesive action among a pretty diverse group of communities, but ok, cool, yeah! dismantle those stereotypes!

Also found out that it will become the Asian American Center for Advancing Justice along with its coalition partners, Asian American Justice Center in DC, the APALC in LA, and Asian Law Caucus in SF. Power in numbers! Le comments, “The whole idea is to have a larger voice in civil rights and justice issues.” I like it.

Also, hello, job opportunities for you Chicago-minded folks, at least according to their website – 2 open positions for F/T Community Organizer and F/T Staff Attorney. Get on it Chicago-ites. Chicago-ans?